Next time you are in a movie theatre, take some time to look at the walls. You will notice that they are not the same as the walls in your home. You may notice large squarepanels on the side and back walls. These things are not just decoration or some architectural mishap, these are room acoustical treatments. You see, one of the banes of a good sounding home theatre system are the walls themselves. Left untreated, sound is reflected back and forth between parallel walls causing a standing wave, which muddies the sound you hear. This can be fixed by using wall treatment panels. These panels help in the absorption of low frequency waves and clean up the sound dramatically. We use panels on the walls of our listening rooms at Professional Sound & Acoustics Ltd. and we offer many different products for new and retro-fit construction to help control all the little noises and standing waves that can take away from your in home theatre experience. From aesthetically pleasing wall panels to pipe wraps and acoustical backing puddy let our knowledgeable staff at Professional Sound & Acoustics Ltd. see what will work for you.