Bowers & Wilkins is now a very large company, with distribution chains and customers all over the world. But it started life with John Bowers hand-assembling speaker systems for local clients in Worthing, West Sussex, in the back of the electrical store that he ran with his friend Roy Wilkins. At Professional Sound & Acoustics Ltd. we believe craftsmanship should not fall away with technological advances. B&W Speakers share this belief. No speaker manufacture out there has advanced the way speakers are made more than Bowers & Wilkins. From the Matrix design to the Nautilus, B&W have moved the industry forward trying to find the best sound. At Professional Sound & Acoustics Ltd., we like that concept.

The 800 Series Diamond D3

The 800 Series Diamond D3 gives you the best possible sound quality in every application, from professional recording to domestic hi-fi and home theatre.

 You don’t have to be an Abbey Road studio engineer to appreciate the stunning realism of the 800 Series Diamond D3. The range encompasses speakers of all sizes and applications, from mighty studio monitors to bookshelf speakers that will fit snugly into domestic spaces of any size. But while every speaker is different, they have a several key features in common: a tweeter made from pure diamond, and sound quality that will leave you speechless.


The Solid Body Tweeter

The Diamond dome tweeter is housed in a solid piece of aluminium. This mechanically inert structure provides an incredibly rigid platform from which the tweeter can deliver crystal clear sound


Continuum cone

The Continuum cone delivers pristine midrange performance by effectively negating the break-up behaviour that can adversely effect this all-important part of the spectrum.



Bracing is essential in keeping a speaker stable, so the character of instruments comes through cleanly. Developed using computer modelling and constructed from wood ply with metal reinforcement, Matrix offers the ultimate in bracing.


Compact and discreet, yet introducing technologies never before seen in any Bowers & Wilkins speaker, PM1 produces a sound so refined that everything else suddenly seems insignificant.

The PM1 loudspeaker features several technological advances as well as advanced application of core Bowers & Wilkins technologies. There’s a new tweeter design, a fresh implementation of a Kevlar® cone, and Matrix™ bracing. There is also the continued implementation of the principles of purity and simplicity plus approaches learned from the development of the 800 Series Diamond.

With a break-up frequency of 30kHz, our aluminium dome tweeters already push sound quality well above the upper limits of the audible range. But inspired by what we’ve learned about diamond, we wanted to see if we could do even better for the PM1. The result is an entirely new type of tweeter dome. By bracing the dome with a ring of filament-wound carbon fibre, we’ve raised the break-up frequency of aluminium to 40kHz.

CM Series

No artificial additives, that's been our approach to sound quality from the very beginning. It's exactly the same with the CM Series.

By using our most refined drive unit technologies, developed for reference-standard speakers such as the 800 Series Diamond, we've been able to hone the speaker down to its purest essentials. The CM Series uses minimalist crossovers of remarkable simplicity and quality, so what you hear is that much closer to the sound of the original recording. In its functional perfection and understated elegance, it's nothing less than a masterpiece. Pure and simple.


Hidden from view inside the cabinet, the crossover is a feature of a speaker that often gets overlooked. Surprising, really - not just because it does the essential job of dividing the source signal into bass, midrange and treble, but also because the way it's constructed is one of the best indicators of the quality of the speaker's mechanical components. The thing to look for is simplicity. The rule is, the better the mechanical design of the drive units, the simpler the electronic design of the crossover can afford to be. And the quality of the CM Series drive units is such that we’ve been able to make the speakers' crossover one of the simplest we’ve ever produced.

600 Series

Designed for hi-fi and home theatre, the 600 Series offers extraordinary value for money: advanced Bowers & Wilkins technologies, award-winning performance and outstanding design at an inconspicuous price.

The 600 Series may be affordable, but it utilises many of the same key Bowers & Wilkins technologies as our flagship ranges. Technologies such as Kevlar® FST™ drive units and Nautilus tapering tubes are the reason why the 600 Series is one of the world's most respected speaker ranges.

The 600 Series uses tweeter technology taken from Bowers & Wilkins award-winning CM10 speaker. Double Dome tweeters feature a thin aluminium dome for lightness, surrounded by a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity. 600 Series tweeters are also 'Decoupled' from the cabinet for acoustic independence. The result is treble performance so pure and precise it will take your breath away.