Motorized Screens

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Whether it's their standard motorized screen, or their reference level tab tensioned screen, they have solutions that perform at the highest level.  Not only do these screens give you the best possible picture, they fight right in with your decor.

Easy Glide "i" Mount  

Mounting a motorized screen on a wall or ceiling can be a difficult, time consuming process.  Every Arcus Series motorized screen uses our Easy Glide "i" Mount to make installation quick and easy!  Simply attach the brackets to the wall or ceiling, slide the bottom of the Easy Glide "i" Mount into the screen, raise the screen, and attach to the brackets.  Less time installing, more time enjoying!

Designed With Style In Mind

When you purchase a motorized screen, the last thing you want to see when you're not using it is a motorized screen.  Their Arcus Series motorized screens have all of the controls hidden within the screen, no external boxes required.  The AC power cord as well the optional use 12 volt trigger mini jack are hidden within the screen casing for a sleek, clean look.  Not only that, Cirrus Screens offers you the choice of a white or black casing with all of their motorized screens.  

Fixed Frame Screens


Whether you're an avid video connoisseur, or just want to watch the big game on the big screen, the screen makes all of the difference.  Their beautifully designed screens have been engineered to extract every last bit of performance from your projector.  Available in Acoustically Transparent, and Curved Frame designs

Springtastic Tension System

Their spring and grommet system ensures a flat screen surface every time for all time.  One of the most important aspects to any projection screen is how flat the screen sits. Wrinkles can be seen from all angles and cause an unwelcome distraction in the picture.  The Cirrus Screens Springtastic Tension System is designed with one goal in mind, to keep the screen material as flat as possible, for the entire life of the screen.  

Countoured Velvet Frame

All fixed frame Cirrus Screens include a 3.4" countoured velvet frame.  This dark velvet is highly absorptive to eliminate any possible reflections from projector overscan. Why contour the frame?  Projectors are almost never centered in the screen.  They are mounted on the ceiling, or sitting on the ground.  This can create a shadow from the edge of the screen frame on the screen.  Their contoured frame ensures no shadow no matter where your projector is located.  The extruded aluminum construction is the strongest in the industry.

Manual Pull Down Screens

Whether it's a DIY Home Theatre, or a boardroom, a manual projection screen is the most cost effective way to get a big picture.  But cost effective doesn't have to compromise quality.  When design meets performance, you get the best picture at a fraction of the cost.

Hands Free Slow Retract 

Our Nimbus Series manual pull down screens offer an affordable solution that won't wear you out!  Simply pull down on the screen gently, and it will retract back into the housing on its own.  And unlike those screens you remember from your elementary school days, our screens will slowly retract to ensure a damage free, long life!

Self Locking

The Nimbus Series will lock as soon as you are finished retracting it.  No having to pull quickly and let go in hopes that you've locked in your screen height.  This makes it as easy as possible to retract the screen to exactly where you want it, no guessing!