The LaunchPort WallStation provides a home for your iPad 2 on the wall. It securely mounts and charges your iPad 2 using a LaunchPort PowerShuttle. The WallStation was designed so that anyone can install one in their home. The WallStation uses inductive charging and magnetic mounting, providing effortless mounting and charging, without wires. The LaunchPort WallStation transforms your wall into an information center, gallery, video conferencing center, or whatever else you can imagine.

The LaunchPort PowerShuttle for iPad 2 is a sleeve-style, soft touch black case. It securely holds iPad 2 and is used to mount to either the BaseStation and/or WallStation. It has a built-in wave guide for the iPad 2 speaker that allows the sound to be directed back at you for a better media experience. It’s equipped with a Mini USB port for charging and syncing on the go. Because the PowerShuttle contains magnets, you can also mount it to any metallic surface 

The BaseStation allows you to mount your iPad 2 to a table top to use and charge. The induction mounting and charging node provides a connection point for a PowerShuttle. Made of brushed aluminum, the BaseStation looks great with all your Apple products.

Cambridge Audio iD100 Digital Dock 

Sensational performance from your iPad, iPhone and iPod...

Without doubt, the iPod has revolutionised the way we enjoy music on the move, there’s no substitute for its amazing combination of convenience and amazing capacity. But now, for the very first time, your iPod can actually be a true part of your hi-fi system thanks to the Cambridge Audio iD100.

Unlike ordinary iPod docks which at best enhance the iPod’s analogue audio output, the iD100 extracts much purer digital content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad – bypassing the inbuilt analogue conversion circuits. By taking a digital signal, every last drop of detail is fed to an external DAC or AV Receiver where true audiophile quality digital to analogue conversion can take place.

The benefits of this complex technology are instant from the moment you experience the iD100. In short it delivers spine tingling results from your iPhone, iPad and iPod with much greater realism, scale and dynamic range. It’s not just about music either! The iD100 loves your video collection and now you can enjoy portable video content like You Tube, iTunes, iPlayer and much more on your TV.

Cambiridge Audio ID-10

Cambridge Audio has taken its four decades of hi-fi experience and applied it to iPod™ docking stations which guarantee to extract every last drop of performance from your iPod.

Cambridge Audio's iD10 iPod docking station enables you to get the most from your iPod by both allowing you to charge it and play music through your home stereo system. Designed to fit most Apple iPods, the smart silver finish looks good with black, white or even the new "Classic" silver iPods.

Coming complete with a remote sensor, the ID10 is remote controllable via an optional remote or many iPod compatible handsets including Cambridge's own Azur Navigator series supplied with most Cambridge Stereo Amplifiers and CD Players. A 3.5mm socket allows for quick and easy connection to a full range of hi-fi components.