Runco’s award-winning 1080p 3-chip DLP projector performance is now an unprecedented combination of performance and value. Encompassed in an elegant, sleek package the LS-10 can be custom painted and printed with a myriad of options, including you designing your own one-of-a-kind projector with Runco FinishPalette. Beyond beautiful on the outside, the Runco LS-10 is feature rich, including advanced connectivity and the latest-generation video processing and scaling available either internally with the LS-10i or externally paired with Runco’s award-winning DHD on the Runco LS-10d. Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing found in both the LS-10i and LS-10d enhances the picture quality and provides artifact-free scaling. Rounding out this impressive projector are discrete input source, aspect ratio and power on/off, as well as an RS-232 interface for seamless integration with automation control systems.

Impressive and unique and unlike single-chip DLP implementations, no color wheel is used in the LS-10 projectors. Instead, it harnesses the power of three advanced full 1080p HD 16:9 DMD’s™ and 12-degree mirror tilt for the finest black level performance. The impressive brightness is further bolstered by the improved contrast capabilities of the stylish LS-10. Designed to excel in both the dedicated theater as well as other rooms in the home, such as media rooms, basements, dens, these new Runco projectors deliver uncompromised DLP video performance and brightness.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1080p DLP™-based SuperOnyx™ 3-chip light engine
  • ISFccc™ calibration for perfection in day or night settings, bright output that’s ideal for the dedicated theater, digital den, living room or bonus room
  • ConstantContrast™ frame-by-frame contrast correction for flawless reproduction
  • Elegant, sleek chassis design with FinishPalette™ customization
  • CorrectColor™ Complete color calibration for D-65 perfection set to match the exact standards used in Hollywood
  • Integrated and external DHD video processor and scaler with Runco’s Vivix™ processing
  • Multiple lens options