Runco’s award-winning Lightstyle projectors just got a whole lot brighter.  The LS-10HBd is a high-bright 3-chip DLP ® projector delivering an incredibly bright 3,780 lumens(before calibration) of stunning and flawless video at a scale unattainable by other display types, opening up new projector possibilities in the home and excelling outside of the dedicated home theater, where environmental factors such as lighting are not easily controlled.  Sharing many of the technical attributes of the award-winning LightStyle™ projector series, the LS-10-HBd delivers acceptable video performance in bright environments and a wide array of lens options with Runco’s elegant LightStyle chassis design. With the addition of the LS-10HBd to Runco’s Lightstyle projection offerings, virtually any room in the house can become your new home theater!

Incorporating state-of-the-art DLP-based SuperOnyx™ technology and ISF™ (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite for optimal performance, the Runco LS-10HBd is feature rich, including advanced connectivity and the latest-generation video processing and scaling available externally paired with Runco’s award-winning Digital High-Definition (DHD 4) video processor. The external DHD 4 offers optimal installation flexibility, because it can be located next to, and connect directly to, all other source components with a single-wire connection from the controller to the projector, making it an ideal solution for retrofit installations. The LS-10HBd is designed to excel in both the dedicated theater as well “Flex-Theaters”, spaces where big screen entertainment is only a portion of the room’s purpose and aesthetics and placement are as crucial as video performance

Runco’s LS-10HBd projectors are available with Runco’s optional CineGlide™ lens solution that enables a motorized, mechanical 2.35:1 anamorphic lens to move in front of the standard lens for perfect Scope reproduction. Runco CineGlide enables the viewer to switch from 16:9 content to 2.35:1 content, without black bars on the top or side of the image, with the touch of a button.