High End streaming audio playback without the sticker shock? That is what you get with Naim Audio's Uniti series of components. Wonderful sound with astounding build quality and a company with a long history of giving the listener the best out of their music collections; that is Naim Audio and this is Uniti .

NaimUniti 2 is the revitalised second edition of our original award-winning all-in-one audio system NaimUniti which was the first product we launched in the Uniti family. NaimUniti 2 contains a CD player, a 70W amplifier, and a multi-format tuner delivering FM, DAB and internet radio, together with a whole host of analogue and digital inputs. It can also stream high-resolution 24bit/192kHz music files from any UPnP™ -enabled device (PC, Mac) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) on the home network and is Apple authenticated for playback, control and charging of iPod, iPhone and iPad devices through its front panel USB. You can even connect a turntable, if you so wish. The UnitiQute2 joins its larger sibling, also offering all-in-one capabilities, minus the CD player, but in a smaller, more compact casing.

The most recent addition to the family is the SuperUniti: our reference all-in-one player. The SuperUniti combines all of Naim's technology and expertise in streaming and integrated amplification into a reference single-case solution. SuperUniti offers all of the features of the NaimUniti 2, minus the CD player, but with 80W of amplification per channel and a unique digital volume control knob.

(Link to review of SuperUniti in The Absolute Sound)

The versatility of the Uniti range is completed by the UnitiServe: a high-performance hard disk player/server with Naim's custom ripping engine which creates bit-perfect copies of your CDs. UnitiServe has 2TB of internal storage, and UPnP™ server capabilities to serve audio to the SuperUniti,UnitiServe NaimUniti 2 and UnitiQute, or any UPnP-enabled media player. An SSD (solid state drive) version is also available which has no internal mechanical storage but can be used with a NAS for almost limitless storage space.

You can easily combine these devices together with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch control app to form a high quality wireless multi-room audio system: UnitiSystem. The only wired connection needed is that between the UnitiServe and the network router to ensure reliability and the best streaming quality: everything else operates wirelessly.


The UnitiLite takes the feature set of the award-winning NaimUniti, including high-resolution music streaming (up to 32bit/192kHz), CD playback, internet radio and iPod/iPhone/MP3 playback and distils it into an elegant, sleek enclosure. All you need to add is a pair of speakers to create an accessible all-in-one system that can put music at the centre of your life. Offering an internal amp of 50W per channel into 8Ω (75W into 4Ω) and Naim's stunning pre-amp section and you have arrived at an all-in-one system that sounds more like separates than most separates. With 5 digital inputs (2x optical, 2x coaxial and 1x 3.5 mm digital/analogue), 3 analogue inputs (2xRCA, 1x3.5 mm digital/analogue), 1 Apple certified USB and even a headphone jack the UnitiLite is ready for anything. The high quality Burr-Brown PCM 1793 DAC will make any digital source better and with the addition of a matching external amp to the pre-amp outs you can take the sound even farther. 

Features found in the  line;

  • UPnP™ -enabled to stream audio files from any hard disk server, such as UnitiServe, HDX, network attached storage (NAS) or laptop/computer via a home network
  • Multi-format tuner for FM/DAB/Internet radio
  • vTuner 5* full service Internet radio
  • Naim's Choice allowing access to higher quality iRadio streams selected by Naim
  • Front panel USB port for replay of MP3 player/iPod and USB-stored audio
  • Apple authenticated enabling digital output from iPod/iPhone for ultimate sound quality, charging and front panel content display, when connected to front panel USB
  • S/PDIF digital inputs for external digital sources. 
  • Multiple intuitive control interfaces: front panel, remote control handset and n-Stream app - enabled for system automation, useful for those wishing to use a CD player alongside SuperUniti
  • Internal architecture for hi-res audio playback up to 32bit/192kHz over the network
  • Ethernet network connectivity for reliabilty. Wireless also available for convenience
  • Plays/streams WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, MP3, Windows Media-formatted content, AAC and Ogg Vorbis from any suitable UPnP™ device or USB-connected storage device. Gapless playback available on all supported file formats