"Runco has changed the landscape of custom home theatre projection once again!" β€“ Gary Reber, Editor Widescreen Review

We thought  if someone else made this enormous claim it would seem less sensational. The truth is, there is no way to over-state just how significant a breakthrough in technology the new Runco Q-750i represents. It offers the highest fidelity image ever produced by digital home theatre projector.

Ever.... regardless of price.

The Q750i is the first projector in the world to replace traditional lamps with high output LEDs combined with a new DLP light engine by Texas Instruments. The LEDs offer the broadest colour pallet ever achieved (by any technology) at 135% the colour space of the NTSC standard. Conventional lamp based projectors only reproduce 79% of the NTSC colour space. This new DLP has no moving parts so it is inherently more reliable and quieter. The LEDs consume only a fraction of the power of a lamp and last....almost forever (well actually 60,000+ hours compared with 2,000 hours for a typical lamp).

For those of you concerned with the contrast ratio, this projector defies measurement. It’s black level falls below the residual noise level of the very finest test equipment available. The black level of the Q has required us to dust off the old screen materials we used with CRT projectors.

The new Runco LS-5 projector redefines the performance available from a budget projector

"Runco has hit it out of the park with this product. One could even worry that they may have cannibalized some high-end business with the extraordinary value proposition offered here. To those who thought the rarified air of high-quality front projection was filled with only prod- ucts made from unaffordium, think again. To get visibly higher image quality than offered by the LS-5, be prepared to spend four to five times its retail price. Spot-on colorimetry, ruler flat gray scale, high- quality optics, and every "tweak" necessary for an ultimate calibration, and all for less than what we paid for a decent flat panel last year, yields a new high water mark for both performance and value ... ... it does seem like a non-sequitur, doesn't it! "

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"With a full suite of features and great out-of-the-box performance, these Runco LightStyle projectors are sure to impress. "

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