NP-H750 USB DAC/Network Player Integrated Amplifier

The NP-H750 features a 40W per channel power amplifier to serve as a capable core unit for all home-audio systems ranging from those proven by time to the latest technologies. The speaker outputs are equipped with banana-plug compatible terminals to transmit full-fledged, no-compromise audio signals and to allow users a wide range of compatible speaker choices and subwoofers.

The NP-H750 incorporates the BurrBrown PCM1795 DAC for digital to analog signal conversion. Typically found in high-end audio products, this acclaimed premium D/A converter features 32-bit processing for faithful, high-fidelity conversion of various digital audio sources into analog signals.

Simply connect the NP-H750 to a Windows PC or Mac computer through USB to transfer various digital audio sources. Once the connection is made and the driver is set up, iTunes and Windows Media Player become high-quality audio players.

Capable of transferring audio sources up to 24bit/192kHz – far exceeding the resolution of CDs – the NP-H750 offers specifications that satisfy the most discerning audiophiles. The NP-H750 even supports the asynchronous mode to ensure minimum jitter.

The NP-H750 lets the user listen to more than 24,000 Internet radio stations in countless genres from around the world, anytime and free of charge. Users can enjoy music and talk-radio from their favorite stations all day long, without swapping CDs or browsing through playlists.