Spectacular video reproduction sets the VX-11d above the rest by combining the industry’s most advanced technology, an ingeniously engineered 3-chip DLP™ light engine with 1080p SuperOnyx™, and Runco’s proprietary video processing and scaling. Utilizing proprietary O-Path™ technology and ISF™ exacting calibration standards, the VX-11d projects ultra-high resolution and brightness, making it the perfect projector for the spectacular media rooms of today’s luxury residences.

Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing is included to enhance picture quality from standard video sources, as well as provide artifact-free scaling. Also included are discrete input source, aspect ratio, power on/off, HDMI™ input and an RS-232 interface for seamless integration with automation control systems.

For unparalleled reproduction of Hollywood’s 2.35:1 CinemaScope standard the VX-11d is available with Runco’s legendary CineWide™ with AutoScope™ technology. Selecting from multiple lens options that allow the flexibility for seamless integration into the most sophisticated personal cinemas, each VX-11d projector is custom built to suit the exact requirements specified for every client. The VX-11d features 1080p HD native resolution 3-chip system for the finest projection image and 16:9 native aspect ratio to match all digital programming. 

To learn more about CineWide, download our Guide to CineWide® e-Book: a viewer’s guide to widescreen scope projection. It provides a brief history of widescreen cinema, discusses aspect ratios and designing for CineWide and much more

Key Features and Benefits

  • Featuring exclusive award-winning CineWide and AutoScope technology for exact reproduction of movies shot in 2.35:1 aspect ratio
  • Outboard DHD Controller that seamlessly connects and optimizes video from any source
  • DLP-based SuperOnyx 3-chip light engine
  • ConstantContrast™ Frame-by-frame contrast correction
  • ISFccc™ calibration for a perfect image, day or night
  • Multiple lens options for incredible installation flexibility in the most challenging theaters